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Rosehill Farm was established in 2006 by Darren and Anne Jacobson as a Stud and AI Centre.  Rosehill Farm LanscapeSince then, we have developed the Veterinary facilities on the farm and also put in a 730m track primarily for breaking in and educating young harness horses.

The Farm comprises over 100 acres of prime farming land, with beautiful rich volcanic soil and vigorous green pasture. A watercourse with two small dams runs into a larger dam which fills each season from the natural catchment of the western side of Clarkes Hill and the southern side of Wombat Hill.

The improvements include a number of large and small paddocks, many seperated by tree lanes; ten foaling paddocks fenced with diamond mesh; a system of laneways and holding yards for moving mares around the farm; four stallion paddocks, and a large Breeding Barn.

The Barn houses 5 stables, 4 with day yards; a working area with 6 purpose-designed mare crushes for scanning and inseminating; a collecting area for stallions; a semen room and laboratory; a pharmacy; and a large office with upstairs accommodation for staff. The Barn is also fully equipped as a Veterinary Hospital, with anaesthetic facilites, ultrasound, digital X-ray, and a range of equipment and pharmaceuticals for care of neonates, older foals, stallions and broodmares.

Rosehill is home to around 40 resident broodmares and 30 weanlings each year. During the season we have a further 150-200 mares visiting for periods between a week and 5 months, to foal down and/or go in foal.

Darren and Anne Jacobson both have extensive experience in the horse industry, and Anne is a Veterinary Surgeon with 25 years' experience in equine reproduction.




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