Management of mares for Assisted Breeding

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The key to successful AI is a thorough knowledge of the mare's cycle combined with attention to correct procedure with all semen handling and insemination techniques.

We scan mares to determine the optimum time for insemination, and also to confirm ovulation - the most important scan of all! With transported semen, and with thawed frozen, the cycle is often manipulated with ovulating drugs (such as Chorulon® and Ovulplant®) to induce an ovulation soon after insemination - this minimizes the number of shipments (or frozen doses) required.

An early pregnancy test is then performed at 14-15 days after ovulation. A mare that is negative on this first scan will be rechecked 2 days later - sometimes a younger pregnancy may have resulted from a second ovulation - and if still negative, will be assessed for timing of the next insemination.

Mares positive at 14 days are scanned again at 28 days (at which time foetal viability can be confirmed by a nice strong regular heartbeat) and at 42-45 days - usually considered to be a final test.