Rosehill offers a comprehensive stallion management service for stallion owners wishing to make their horses available to other breeders.

We can collect semen from stallions for processing and assessment, fresh semen insemination, chilling and shipping, and for permanent preservation as frozen semen stored in liquid nitrogen


After collection, the semen is measured (volume and density) and examined microscopically to determine the average number of live normal progressively motile sperm cells per ml of raw semen, and the expected breeding capacity of the horse

This estimation allows stallion owners to make decisions on the best way to manage their horse for optimum fertility, and helps them better meet the needs of mare owners wishing to breed to the stallion

Chilling and Shipping

If transportation of semen is required we will collect from a stallion and process the semen, recording volume, density and progressive motility and adding appropriate extender to maximise the active life of the sperm cells

The extended semen is then placed in a coolite shipper in which its temperature drops to a steady 4-5 degrees during transport.  We can organise freight to most locations within Australia for insemination - usually the same day or within 24 hours of collection

Semen Freezing

Semen from many stallions can be successfully frozen in liquid nitrogen for thawing and inseminating from days to years later

We can collect semen from a stallion and perform a test-freeze, which allows us to assess the suitability of the semen for the process

If a stallion's semen tolerates the freezing process well, the sperm cells will be sufficiently normal and active on thawing to achieve pregnancies at a similar rate to other forms of insemination

While this procedure is more expensive than other forms of assisted breeding, it has advantages for stallion owners.  Stored semen is not only insurance in the event of death or injury, it can also allow a horse to serve mares without interruption to a competetive athletic career