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Rosehill Farm is proud to confirm that Dr Annemarie Kemmink is now a member of the prestigious Equine Dental Vets network, a worldwide association of dedicated horse vets whose aim is to increase the quality of dental care available to horse owners

As Professionals, Dental Vets are the only horse dentists qualified to undertake diagnosis and treatment of teeth and other mouth issues in horses

Dental disease is very common, and causes significant pain and suffering in horses of all ages as well as loss of condition and reduced performance, and reduction in quality of life.  Sadly it often goes undiagnosed, or worse, may be treated too late or inappropriately by unqualified lay "dentists".

Annemarie is available for consultation, appointments for dental assessment and treatment can be made by calling Rosehill Farm during office hours

For more information about Dental Vets please follow this link