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Rosehill offers agistment on both a permanent and a seasonal basis.

Broodmares are agisted all year round, or just for a period during the stud season for foaling down, being bred or both. Mares are run in groups according to their status as wet (foal at foot) or dry, in large paddocks, fed grazing all year round either on grass or lucerne, supplemented with lucerne hay if necessary.

Mares that require extra feed (particularly under heavy lactation) are given a hard feed daily as required, at increased cost after consultation with the owners.

Maiden mares at stud for the first time or mares requiring special treatment due to (eg) lameness are run in smaller groups and supplementary fed as necessary.

Mares that need to be segregated are housed in a box or small yard at an increased fee.Our rich volcanic soil is highly fertile and loaded with minerals, making our pasture whether grass or lucerne an excellent form of nutrition for horses.

When pasture is low, supplement is provided using top quality lucerne hay grown in the same district. Hard feed is an oats-based mixture.